Many of us have trouble sticking with exercise programs, seeing results, and finding the motivation to workout around injuries. In a world with so many distractions and excuses, your workout routine needs to challenge and excite you, which is why we at Kinetic specialize in creating dynamic programs that work with our members’ lives.

That said, even the most well trained athletes run into a wall every now and then. Thankfully, there are ways to get around them; here is a list of 3 exercise hacks that I’ve used over the years to help overcome these issues.

1. Download new music – Adding a handful of new songs to a workout playlist can do more for your exercise routine than you would expect. Keep your attitude fresh and get excited to jump back into your workouts. I found this song a few weeks ago that I like and now have added to my playlist for cardio : RL Burnside – Someday Baby

2. Challenge a co-worker or friend – Keep each other honest on your workouts and check in each week or even each day to see if they did their workouts. Can you each do 10 miles of walking or running in a week? 100 miles of cycling? 100 push-ups, sit-ups and body squats in a day? Who can maintain the best workout streak?

3. Switch up your program – Tabata, High Intensity Intervals, High reps with low weight, Low reps with high weight, TRX, Olympic lifts, Multi-planar loading, Balance training, BOSU, ViPR, Traverse Wall, Yoga, Tai Chi, or a new sport are all ways to find something new and challenging.

It can be challenging to push through the stresses and distractions that accompany the life of a modern professional, but that’s no excuse to ignore your physical health and fitness. We at Kinetic Training Club are here to help! Visit to learn more or fill out our form below to get started!