Winter is one of the hardest times to keep moving, especially if your workout routines are built around being outside. The parks start to thin out as the colder weather approaches, and all the runners, cyclists, and athletes move to the warmth and security of indoors. Luckily, in Colorado, we’re blessed with an abundance of winter sports, but here are a few extra tips and tricks to help keep your workout routine consistent this winter.

1. Layers – Make sure you are wearing the appropriate layers. Wear materials that will wick away moisture as you sweat, rather than cotton that will trap moisture in the cold weather. You don’t want to overdo it with layers since you’re body will naturally heat up as you get into your workout. Headbands are another great way to keep you warm without overheating your body.

2. Hydrate – During the summer months, it is much easier to remember to drink water, because you’re constantly sweating and need to quench your thirst. But it is equally important to keep your body hydrated during the winter months. Make sure you bring water on your outdoor workouts and drink before you are thirsty.

3. Dynamic Warm Ups – Warm up before your run with dynamic movements. Get your internal body temperature up by moving with our favorite dynamic warm ups: snow angels, swimmers, and bear hugs. The cold weather will not come as such a shock if your core body temperature is warmed up to begin with.

4. Watch out for Ice! – Ice can be disguised in many forms in the winter months. One of the most common injuries for both athletes and non-athletes is slipping on the ice. Make sure you wear shoes with good traction and avoid running in shaded areas, as the ice there takes much longer to thaw. Be safe and be fit!

5. Transition your workout every 8-12 weeks – Every few weeks your body will hit a plateau if you don’t switch up your workout routine, reps, or sets. Try switching up the number of sets, change the order of the exercises, or change the number of repetitions with a higher or lower weight to modify your current routine.


Now that you’re equipped with these 5 tips, you’re ready to take on the coming winter months like a champ! Visit to speak with one of our personal trainers and create a winter workout routine just for you!