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Do you have a passion for helping others reach their health and wellness goals through personal training? Then we want YOU to be a part of our team. Join us in the pursuit to move and become a part of Kinetic’s culture!



Kinetic Exclusive Community for trainers

Exclusive Community

Work with like-minded individuals who share your drive.

4 Quadrants of Training at Kinetic

4 Quadrants of Movement

Incorporate our uniquely designed exercise platform into your sessions.

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Paid Time Off

It’s all about flexibility!

Work with Kinetic Training Club

Trainer/Client Community Events

Not just building muscle, but building a community.

career development at Kinetic

Career Development

Foster education & training with experienced trainers.

Environment of Support

Environment of Support

Join a supportive community of members and trainers.

Work with Kinetic Training Club!

Consistent Hours

Tailored to your client schedule.

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Quota Philosophy

None! No quotas and a trainer first mentality.

Kinetic Training Club for your career

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Take advantage of Kinetic’s patented multi-plane weight machines.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Ask us about our trainer benefits.

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Profit Sharing

Be a part of Kinetic’s success.

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Kinetic Kitchen

Sharing health and wellness in the kitchen.




Achieve your professional goals. Do what you love. Join the Team!


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I have worked with Raul Jas for over three years. During this time, I have experienced and incredible improvement in my health in addition to looking better. I have gained muscle mass and lost fat. He has the rare ability to push me hard, but just shy of too hard. After my session with Raul is completed, I always feel like I have had a tremendous workout. I also had back surgery during the time I was working out with Raul (not his fault). He was very adept at working with me through the injury.

David P

I have had the pleasure of working with Raul for over two years now. I started out with high blood pressure and weighed over 230 pounds. I am now 57 years old, no longer on blood pressure medication and I have lost over 50 pounds. Raul’s experience, knowledge and sincere interest in my health and well-being has been life-changing for me and my family. I am looking forward to continuing this extraordinary journey with Raul for many years to come.

Kevin C

Nate is the best manager I’ve ever had the privilege of working for. Nate always took the time to teach, and was diligent in making sure that his team was highly qualified, and had every resource to improve. He taught in a way that encouraged the answer to be your own.

Marcia P

Nate worked with me when I was recuperating from my broken back, and I never missed a workout after that happened. He was able to change the workout to fit what I was going through in my life and my body at that time. He always gets his clients to stay active!

Michael M

Everything Nate does, he does with thoughtfulness, fastidiousness and integrity.

Valerie J

Nate approaches fitness from many angles – exercise, nutrition, etc. –– and has a genuine dedication to the individual needs of his clients. Compared to all others, I feel he takes a real interest in my goals, and continually observes/inquires to deepen his ability to address my needs.

Kathy K