Nate Fryer

Nate Fryer has been in the fitness industry since 1998 in a variety of roles – athlete, speaker, educator, writer, trainer and inventor. Nate received his BS degree from Iowa State University in the area of exercise science with focuses on medicine and physical therapy, and has spent time in numerous hospitals, sports clinics and rehab facilities, working with leaders in medicine and physical therapy.

Nate’s passion for movement, performance and function is reflected throughout his life. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, motorcycles, rock climbing, backpacking, snowboarding and exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and two children.

Certified Trainer, Rehab Specialist, MAT Specialist, ViPR Master Trainer, First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Nate is the best manager I’ve ever had the privilege of working for. Nate always took the time to teach, and was diligent in making sure that his team was highly qualified, and had every resource to improve. He taught in a way that encouraged the answer to be your own.

Marcia P

Nate worked with me when I was recuperating from my broken back, and I never missed a workout after that happened. He was able to change the workout to fit what I was going through in my life and my body at that time. He always gets his clients to stay active!

Michael M

Everything Nate does, he does with thoughtfulness, fastidiousness and integrity.

Valerie J

Nate approaches fitness from many angles – exercise, nutrition, etc. –– and has a genuine dedication to the individual needs of his clients. Compared to all others, I feel he takes a real interest in my goals, and continually observes/inquires to deepen his ability to address my needs.

Kathy K


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