David Puchi

I have recently found new joy in my life being active and outdoors with my four year old son. We have been skiing together this year and it is wonderful seeing him develop his skills on the mountain. This has brought me back to the amazing times that I have had skiing with my wife and three older daughters. Some of the best days of my life were on the slopes with them. It is an incredible family experience to be outdoors all day with your loved ones. This is why I am involved with the ownership of Kinetic Training Club and its mission. I am 55 and I have a four year old son. I need to be healthy, active and be able to ski with him for a long time! And there are many others like me. I am also the managing partner overseeing capital development for Baceline Investments, LLC. I graduated from the University of Denver (went to school there to ski and enjoy Colorado’s outdoors, not so much to study) , with both Bachelor of Arts and Law degrees. I practiced law for five years in Denver and specialized in corporate mergers and acquisitions and real estate law. I have been involved in closing over $700 million in real estate transactions. In my role as a managing partner of the firm, I have been instrumental in raising approximately $200 million for Baceline’s funds and various single asset acquisitions that the firm or its affiliates have originated. I have developed a national network of capital sources and continue to cultivate these sources for new projects that Baceline undertakes.

Kinetic Training Club is a passion for me as the culture we have created suites the active lifestyle I wish to live.