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The Kinetic Community in its pursuit to move.

Smoothie Video

Healthy Foods on the Go

Removing Toxins Through Poop

Skiing After Tibial Break

Knee Disfunction and Correction

Knee Stabilizing Exercises 1

Knee Stabilizing Exercises 2

Doug Backcountry snowboarding

Nutrition Tips

Travel Ski Conditioning Exercises

Ski Conditioning Isometrics

4 Quadrant Explanation

Linear Loaded 4 Quad

Unloaded Linear

Loaded Linear Quadrant

3D Loaded 4 Quad

3D Unloaded 4 Quad

Lower Leg Function

MPL Chest


ViPR Exercises

MAT Shoulder (Before)

MAT Shoulder (After)

Hip Flexion Exercises

Upper Body Isometric Exercises

Join us for the 12 Days of Fitness! Stay in shape through the holidays by completing these 12 exercises over the next 12 days. Watch the videos!

Each discusses the exercises to do for the 12 Days of Fitness. Anyone taking the challenge should do the Day 1 video on the 1st Day of Fitness. On Day 2, you should do the Day 1 and the Day 2 exercises. On Day 3 you should do Day 1, 2, and 3 exercises, On Day 4 you should do Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on until you reach the 12th day of Fitness.